Structure an Appropriate Planning to Generate Income

To meet all the debts you have incurred in all this years you would need money. The money would come from the work you do & if you are unemployed then it is high time you move your ass & find yourself a decent job. But doing just one job may not be enough if you have to repay a pretty large amount of debt. You might need to do something else.

So apart from a full time job, you can do some part time thing to compensate for the extra money that you may need. If after spending a whole day in the office you can go to another office to work then it is well & good. But if you cannot pull that feat off then find some work at home jobs for yourself.

That way you will not have to go out to work again after a grueling day of work & you can earn a few bucks as well. Whatever you decide to do make a plan for it. But earning money may not be enough if you keep spending them on useless things or if you keep incurring more debts.

So with the money you earn start paying your debts one by one & do not sit back on them. Lastly please ensure that you do not incur further debts in that period. That will only aggravate your problem instead of solving it.

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