Preparing Mentally to Accept the Situation

Prepare yourself mentally to accept the Situation:
If you have a lot debts in the market which you are yet to meet then the first & foremost thing you should do is to prepare yourself mentally that you need to meet all those debts. You have to be determined. Dilly-dallying on this issue will not help.

If you are mentally prepared to meet all your debts then you will meet those no matter what. As they say once you have solved a problem in your mind then consider the job half done. Also give yourself a time limit within which you would meet your debts. The purpose of a time limit is to constantly keep you motivated to pay the debts.

If you do not decide on a deadline then after a certain point of time you may become complacent again. But having the deadline will constantly keep on reminding you about the pending debts & keep you on your toes.

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