ONCO MEDIA Science Reports

The ONCO-MEDIA project stands for Ontology and Context related Medical image Distributed Intelligent Access. It involves international partners from many countries including France, Switzerland, Philippines, Japan as well as Singapore. Many of the involved individuals are regular readers of science mag, which is by the American Association for the advancement of science. The aim of the project was to further the goals of medical science, in particular, to develop a contextual and new grid-distributed intelligence framework for medical reports as well as medical images. It will also aim to help to explore the realms of assistance in diagnosis through medical images, with application access with the use of visual and semantic medical information using facilities which utilize grid computing by nature.

Internet technologies are heavily utilized in the workplace as well, and not only in the science research field. When encountering a blocked site from filters, you can make use of myspace proxy to bypass the restrictions implemented by the management. Nowadays proxies are commonly used to get past restrictions not only in the workplace, but also in places where there are restrictions. Some of them are found through directory sites like directory listing where webmasters submit their sites for viewing and surfing for information. These sites are often not blocked and they provide another avenue for researchers from all over the world to find out more information that is freely available on the web. In Singapore, it is not uncommon for workers to experience restrictions in internet surfing, as employers usually apply them to increase productivity. This contributes to the rapid increase in GDP every year, and this year saw especially more couples getting married and signing up for wedding photography packages. 2011 is the Rabbit year in the Chinese calendar, which is an auspicious year to get married. Thanks to foi business playing a part in the freedom of information arena, there is a lot of material out there to help people make their wedding decisions as well. It also frees up their time to watch tv shows, and there are many people who watch futurama online. It is an interesting show about how life is like in the future, and it is no surprise that with the world being so advanced in technology, people are spending more time on the internet and getting their entertainment there. However this also leads to an increase in the amount of eye sight problems experienced by many people. Singapore is one of the many countries which experience a high number of individuals with vision issues. Which is why many opt for lasik singapore, which can resolve a vast number of vision problems with surgery which could take about half an hour. It is amazing at what advancements in science have contributed to our society, and projects such as Onco Media has contributed to these advancements.

The ONCO MEDIA project also has goals to push for a new era of excellence in research, using medical images which are given access to French, Switzerland and Asian counterparts to leverage on each other’s experience as well as scientific values. There was a scientist involved in the ONCO-MEDIA project whom, after his lasik surgery in Singapore, went on to explore blogger templates for his websites. He then feedback that the templates were very unique and eye-catching, which helped him sustain his traffic. It is not a wonder that there are even scientists who are making the most of technology to explore ways of breaking through inform frontiers. Being in the science industry allows one to establish connections with people around the world. The Onco Media project involves many countries, from the French, Chinese in Singapore and other countries’ research departments. Collaborations with other countries in science is important, as it allows people with diverse backgrounds to explore the unchartered waters of technology with our different ways of doing things. There are currently many science-related camps and programs for graduates and undergraduates to explore their horizons by going overseas for research programs. One participant who learnt guitar through guitar scales, explained that music was a bridge to form relationships. Through speaking with exchange students from the UK, he also learnt much about finance, such as payment protection insurance which were sold to mis-informed customers. It helped to expand his horizons as he was also introduced to ppi claims, a place whereby they help to claim back the PPI premiums. For the youth and young adults, it is no surprise that having an online presence for their organization or exchange program helps to foster more of a sense of belonging. Having a website establishes their existence and allows scientists-to-be to share advancements in technology and collaborate with overseas students on research projects. Finding a great looking design is often a headache, which premium wordpress themes can help to relief them of. WordPress is one of the most common content management systems being used, and themes help to get great designs up in minimal time.

The ONCO MEDIA project involved a trip to the US for a certain science research collaboration. During then, they had the privilege of spending a night at a camp site, where they learnt how to use a log splitter to get wood for the fireplace. It was an enriching experience as the projects were deeply paid off by loans that were taken to help attribute financing to projects that took longer time to complete researching. These payday loans were also being taken into consideration in a manner that helps researchers to help finance the costly scientific projects, and students and staff of the faculties enjoyed the process where they got to engage different science enthusiasts from around the world in conversations about their culture and developments. One staff also shared that she was having pregnancy problems, and when she read about a pregnancy miracle, she applied the suggested tips to help her get pregnant, and it actually did work. Scientists do seek alternative forms of curing infertility, as many a times, science is not inflexible. Getting pregnant is a joyous thing, and although there are many people who face problems with infertility, seeking other people’s opinions and help could help. During the exchange, a US scientist was intrigued by the pistol safe that the host had in his house. The host then explained that the safe was necessary to ensure the safety of his family, as he has an infant at home. He needs the pistol in case of an emergency such as a bear attack, but also sees the need of having a pistol safe to keep it away from his family for their safety. During the sharing of goals, there were a few undergrads who expressed their desire of becoming a pharmacy technician. Their studies in science will help them to go a long way in exploring this career, which has great prospects due to the aging population in many parts of the world.

The ONCO-MEDIA project will eventually help in building a dynamic research culture which is essential for science in Singapore and France to thrive. It also helps the European country to learn more about asian research culture and bridge gaps to reach other south east asian countries. Through this project, it will develop the existing technologies to help in the formation of new and improved media, infocomm and engineering technologies which will bring the two countries into the future. Having collaborative projects such as these help the French to integrate both parties with each other, in terms of excellent networks of projects and research.

During the Onco Media exchange, a graduate had a problem transferring his music from ipod to computer. He then get some help from a software which helped him to transfer his music purchases with ease, thanks to a recommendation from a lecturer who was also on the trip. It was interesting to find that his lecturer was quite tech savvy as well. This collaboration between Singapore’s media, engineering as well as infocomm research departments, together with their French counterparts, seeks to build long term collaborative relationships among the research scientists and students of both countries. For the finale of the camp, students produced music from a sonic produce and impressed their fellow students and lecturers. It enabled them to produce music quickly and with quality, and the music video which showcased their ONCO MEDIA research was shared with all their faculty mates for their viewing. After the project, there were some disturbances, as the student who was a pretty looking girl, was harassed on the telephone by a faculty male. To combat against the disturbance, she used reverse phone lookup to check the address and name of the person who was harassing her, and managed to report the person to the school, who then got rid of the matter. During the final day of sharing, students also expressed their initial concerns about being able to finance their education. One shared about a site which allowed him to get his study loan quickly and reliably. These invaluable information will help in reaching science breakthroughs. The project was led by IPAL, and supported by MAEE as well as CNRS. IPAL was directed by Daniel Racoceanu with Dr Joo Hwee Lim, and many NUS fellows joined the project, which was funded by IPAL. It was also hoped that the project would be featured in the national science foundation. Eventually, the aims are to provide access to information, through reasoning, constant learning algorithms as well as human and machine influence. ONCO-MEDIA seeks to continually improve the scientific community by bringing you science related news that are resulting in breakthroughs which can change our world. Every project counts in making our scientific communities vibrant, to be able to move on and make changes for the betterment of the world.

Find Your Inner Peace with Yoga

When you feel that stress is getting the best of you, now is the time to get serious about stress management. Failure to address stress can directly or indirectly affect your life. There is nothing wrong if you want to stop for a while, rethink about your goals and evaluate your plans. You should include yoga in your list. You will be surprised how much it can change your life and the people around you.

Yoga is a mind and body training. It is famous because it combines relaxation techniques together with stretching and breathing exercises. Many people are considering this training because it can effectively lessen stress, improve heart function and lower blood pressure. It can be practiced by everyone so there is no reason for you to say no. Grab your mat, learn yoga and enjoy the process.

Understanding yoga better can help you appreciate the discipline. Yoga put heavy emphasis on body and mind. Yoga seeks to combine the two to achieve inner peacefulness that you are trying to find. By finding that inner peace, you can now relax and able to manage stress and other negative feelings. There are many variations of yoga out there. All you have to do is choose.

If you are a beginner, hatha yoga is best for you. Hatha yoga will concentrate on your poses or postures and breathing. There are many instructional videos and books you can consult but for best results, you should learn it from the yoga instructor. Yoga is fun if you are with your friends. If you want, you can always invite them to join you. You just need to look for fitness centers that offer yoga.

Dealing with Kid’s Injuries

Being a parent, you want your kids to enjoy their childhood. If your kids want to engage in sports, you are afraid of the things it can cause them but you know that somehow, you need to support them because it can form an integral part in their growth and development as an individual. It is normal to be scared and worried about your kid’s safety. You can deal with this unsettling feeling by knowing the treatments of injuries. After all you cannot just keep your kids locked in the house forever to keep them safe.

Here’s a look of the most common sports-related injuries your kids might suffer and endure with basic treatments:

Sprains and strains

Sprain and strain is different. Sprain is an injury that affects the ligament while strain affects the muscle or tendon. If your kids indeed suffer sprains and strains, the basic treatment that you should remember is RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation).

Growth plate

For children and adolescents, growth plate is the region where tissues develop. When growth is complete, the growth plate will then be replaced by solid bones. If your kids encounter bone (phalanges, metacarpals, radius, ulna, femus, tibia, fibula, metatarsals, phalanges, etc.) injuries, you should bring your kids directly to orthopaedic surgeons.

Painful injuries

If your kids are suffering from stress fractures and tendinitis, you can also employ RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevations). You can also consider other treatments like physical therapy, crutches, cast, etc. if it is recommended by doctors.

Heat-related illnesses

Heat-related illnesses can be prevented by monitoring your kid’s body. You should remind them to always bring water and hydrate.

Summer Sports for Kids

With the summer season’s longer days and warmer weather, kids certainly want to be outdoors and get busy with the sports of their interest. If you’re a parent looking for activities and other interests for your children, you may want to know first the different sports categories available to them to see which will suit them best.

Individual Sports

Bicycling has always been one of the best individual sports that most people enjoy, especially the kids. Racquet sports like tennis and badminton are also great sports to develop your child’s motor skills and confidence, while gymnastics are good for improving body coordination and endurance. Taekwondo and martial arts are also good individual sports that don’t only teach children mental and physical control, but also gear them the proper way of doing self-defence.

Team Sports

Team sports are sports usually played by two opposing teams. One of the most popular sports of this kind is football (or soccer in the U.S.). This game can be played in practically any open area, which makes it very accessible to most kids. Another popular team sports is ice hockey. Once playable only during winter, it can now be played anytime of the year because of the availability of ice arenas.

Extreme Sports

For kids who are into thrill and adventure can have extreme sports. Extreme sports are very popular to adolescents and teens. This type of sport lures youngsters who prefer a less rigid set of rules. Extreme sports can be an alternative activity in developing discipline, persistence, camaraderie and technical abilities. Some of these sports are snowboarding, mountain biking, skateboarding, in-line skating and BMX.

All-Time Business Rivalries

Competitions between two big companies belonging in the same field or industry make interesting stories.

Coke vs. Pepsi

Two of the most popular brands of carbonated soft drinks are Coca-Cola and Pepsi. Ultimately, they are both sugar water, but the rivalry between these two giant names has transcended time, distance, and even culture. The cola wars have gotten even worse over the years, with both companies doing everything to boost sales and gain the favour of the majority. Just like any war, there is always a victor and a loser. By 1996, Coca-Cola emerged triumphant and now, Coke and Diet Coke are America’s most loved soft drinks.

Nike vs. Reebok

Nike and Reebok had been warring for over three decades. In the earlier years of the race, Nike was struggling to catch up as it failed to cater to women, and so Reebok took the lead. Eventually, Nike was able to regain the momentum by recruiting the big guy who would sooner become the all-time most iconic athlete—no other than Michael Jordan himself. Nike was able to surge ahead as Michael Jordan became the endorser and spokesperson of the brand.  Reebok tried to catch up by recruiting Shaquille O’Neal but was not lucky enough. In 2005, Reebok was bought by Adidas. However, Nike is still reigning supreme until now.

McDonald’s vs. Burger King

In the industry of quick-service restaurants, no other restaurants aside from McDonald’s and Burger King have ever waged war overtly. In fact, the rivalry took the national scene as they battled for territory and franchisees. In 1982, Burger King declared an all-out war against McDonald’s. Both food chains improved their own advertising campaigns with the purpose to overpower their competitor. Eventually, McDonald’s gained the favour of the most Americans when it comes to burgers. Burger King, in partnership with Starbucks, got into coffee wars as it introduced a line of coffee-based drinks.

Structure an Appropriate Planning to Generate Income

To meet all the debts you have incurred in all this years you would need money. The money would come from the work you do & if you are unemployed then it is high time you move your ass & find yourself a decent job. But doing just one job may not be enough if you have to repay a pretty large amount of debt. You might need to do something else.

So apart from a full time job, you can do some part time thing to compensate for the extra money that you may need. If after spending a whole day in the office you can go to another office to work then it is well & good. But if you cannot pull that feat off then find some work at home jobs for yourself.

That way you will not have to go out to work again after a grueling day of work & you can earn a few bucks as well. Whatever you decide to do make a plan for it. But earning money may not be enough if you keep spending them on useless things or if you keep incurring more debts.

So with the money you earn start paying your debts one by one & do not sit back on them. Lastly please ensure that you do not incur further debts in that period. That will only aggravate your problem instead of solving it.

Preparing Mentally to Accept the Situation

Prepare yourself mentally to accept the Situation:
If you have a lot debts in the market which you are yet to meet then the first & foremost thing you should do is to prepare yourself mentally that you need to meet all those debts. You have to be determined. Dilly-dallying on this issue will not help.

If you are mentally prepared to meet all your debts then you will meet those no matter what. As they say once you have solved a problem in your mind then consider the job half done. Also give yourself a time limit within which you would meet your debts. The purpose of a time limit is to constantly keep you motivated to pay the debts.

If you do not decide on a deadline then after a certain point of time you may become complacent again. But having the deadline will constantly keep on reminding you about the pending debts & keep you on your toes.

Ways to Become Debt Free

Today with the economic condition the world is in, it is very important to get rid of the debts one owes to others. Debts can wreck havoc to in person’s life if not paid in time. Today with the use of various credit methods, people become overburdened with debts. If these debts are not met in due time then it may create all types of problems. It may give rise to family tensions, anxiety, anger etc.

It may also lead to depression & shame. Other than these psychological problems debt can create various financial problems for a person. If you happen to be a business owner & you are debt ridden then running a business will become a nightmare. A business venture can never become successful if it is drowned neck deep in debt. So whether for personal reasons or otherwise, it is very important to become debt free as quickly as possible.